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Yanina Yakusheva Perfumes

Fragrance is a silent and invisible companion. In the era of loneliness and imaginary communication, fantasies become more material.

The founder of the brand – perfumer Yanina Yakusheva. The main idea of her brand is to demonstrate the individuality of each person with the help of the perfume, to reveal perfume not only as an item for personal use but as an artistic creation that is able to interact with other objects, society and you.

Our perfume line includes 4 fragrances EDP 100 ml. Meet us – Ravenna, William, Aron and Gideon.

Ravenna is a young art student with blonde hair and a restless personality. Her fragrance – tuberose, gardenia, peach, frangipani, white honey, coconut, cedar, milk, ambergris, musk, vanilla, suede.

She disappears in one who chooses her, penetrating deeply into the skin and fathoming one’s desires. In each touch cotton tenderness is felt, in each kiss – honey sweetness. The liaison with Ravenna, provocative and impressive, is an emotional and passionate dance.

William is a young and talented designer. He is thin, tall, with curly light brown hair. His interests: literature, art, fashion, design.

His elegance and knowledge are based on the classic principles, but William’s unique appearance and creative ideas are a new word. Fragrance resembles design and art – tarragon, bergamot, tulip, green tea, vermouth, cedar, patchouli, oak moss, ambergris, amber.

Aron is a collector of 52 years. He has a rich life experience, and he is interested in classical music, literature as well as archaeology and especially tribal art.

His perfume is created from notes of saffron, apricot, oud, suede, patchouli, oak moss, musk, sandalwood, vanilla. Facing Aron, you become calm and brighten.

Gideon is a man, 32 years old with colorful tattoos on his forearm

Persistent nature of Gideon makes him an unforgettable companion, brutal and savage. He is free and wild. Gideon is one you can hardly confuse and mislead. He is a conqueror, from whom you don’t want to run away, but the meeting won’t be long enough to reveal all the secrets he hides. All you have after this connection is bright and intoxicating aroma. Bergamot, lavender, grapefruit, ozone, carnation flower, geranium, narcissus, tobacco, szechuan peppercorns, cedar, leather, civet, iris, musk, olibanum, labdanum.

Whose name will interest you? Can a perfume become a symbol of more meaningful and sensual liaison?